Friday, April 08, 2005

Read any good books lately?

In a moment of bibliofrenzy, I took the MFC Reading list and turned it into a "So you'd like to..." Guide at

The MFC Reading List is part and parcel of the process of becoming a minister credentialed by the Unitarian Universalist Association. In addition to the graduate theological degree, the internship, Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), &c., candidates for ministry have to complete a reading list relevent to Unitarian Universalism and liberal religion.

I've taken the MFC List and converted it into a Guide at Amazon so that other seminarians can add books to their wish lists, etc. I did it to make things easier for everyone, so it is my hope that this will actually come to some use. I realize that by patronizing I'm not supporting the UUA bookstore, but given the benefits of such Guides, personal Wish Lists, etc., using Amazon really seemed to be the smarter thing to do. (To be honest, I tend to prefer, but that's another matter entirely.)

The genesis of this project began with me turning the MFC list into a Wish List on my account (last night), and then realizing that my fellow UU seminarians at Wesley could benefit from it (this morning). At this point I've now realized that it could actually serve a broad community, thus my presentation to the public.

With that said, feel free to visit my guide, So You'd Like to... Become a Unitarian Universalist minister.


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