Monday, April 11, 2005

Peregrinato Dot Com

Well, I now own I am puzzling over what to do with it. Current thoughts are to move my blog over to its own site and move from blog*spot's software to wordpress, which is what the Joneses are using for their blogs. Blog*spot is very good for free blogging; but I'm starting to hit its limits in terms of what I can do with it.

I'll be sure to let my two readers know what I'm doing. Whatever it is, it won't happen immediately. I have a semester to finish and sleep to catch up on.

Update: Ugh. Blogger/blog*spot does not have an export function. So once I move over to WordPress, I have to start from fresh and/or manually move each posting over. Sheesh. Hopefully I can Google something more efficient.


Anonymous Terrance said...

This might be of some help in migrating posts from Blogger to WordPress.

8:41 pm  

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