Friday, April 15, 2005

A sad day.

From Katherine, via Scott/Boy in the Bands.

"Howard Clinebell, Jr. died this morning in Santa Barbara, CA. As we all remember, Howard was a beloved Professor of Pastoral Psychology and Counseling at CST for nearly 40 years. His life, teaching, ministry and writings have been widely read and appreciated around the globe. His Basic Types of Pastoral Care and Counseling is the most widely sold book in the field of PC & C and his Care and Counseling of the Alcoholic (based on his dissertation at Union Theological Seminary) broke new ground in the early 1960’s. Most of all, we have lost a good friend. Howard, may you rest in peace, dear friend." (William Clements, professor of pastoral counseling at Claremont School of Theology)
Sad news for the pastoral counseling community. Although Clinebell has not authored much new of late--that I'm aware of--his legacy is tremendous. He (along with Bill Clements) are among the reasons Claremont School of Theology have such a first-rate reputation for pastoral counseling. It is a school I visited last year, and I gave serious thought about transferring there. But this is about him, not me.

Rest in peace, and thank you for your contributions to the work of the Church and the community of faith.


Blogger Katherine said...

Thanks for adding your words to the tribute. I'm just glad people recognize how important his contributions were not just to the field of PC & C, but for all the countless people who were counseled by his students.

Just to be clear- the words you quoted are not mine, but Professor Bill Clements. He wrote an announcement to the CST community.

2:46 am  
Blogger Peregrinato said...

I've modified the post. Even though I knew the original attribution, I was clumsy. Thank you for the correction!

10:27 am  

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